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Viva Frida with Jennifer Bonneteau (2-day Workshop)
Dates 10/08/2017 - 10/09/2017
Time 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Location 176 Race Street
City San Jose
Description Each day is a 6 hour workshop with a 1 hour lunchbreak
Both days are designed to go together but day 1 can be taken without day 2.

In this fun-filled, expressive Frida workshop we will be gaining a deeper understanding of color & value as we create at least 3 Frida portraits; a charcoal piece, a monochromatic painting and a dynamic colorful portrait. Along the way, we’ll journey through a few expressive exercises that are designed to help you further explore and identify your own unique visual voice.
We’ll kick off the weekend with a black and white charcoal portrait then venture our way into paint and values. From there we will and go boldly into the glorious world of paint palettes and hue-packed portraiture! Once we’ve completed our fabulous Frida’s, I’m delighted to get to share my process for adding brilliant shine and texture to your work with a little metal-leaf technique I discovered a while back :)

Day 1
Expressive mark making activity using our non-dominant hand Sketch our profile picture of Frida onto our canvas using a simplified grid
Get down and dirty pushing, pulling, blending and removing a variety of types of charcoal to create a dynamic black and white Frida portrait.
Mix up a monochromatic palette and discuss the importance of value contrast
Identify the values of our palette’s colors by creating a simple value chart.
Paint an expressive, monochromatic portrait of Frida using our premixed palette.

Day 2
Expressive activity using colors and marks Discuss a few favorite apps used to layer and filter photos on your iPhone/iPad to generate fresh ideas and images for inspiration Sketch our portraits onto our canvases, changing at least one element of the image (now is a great time to practice using an app for image manipulation)
Using a variety of tools, techniques and colors we’ll paint, drip, layer and pour on the color as we create our hue-packed portraits Analyse and adjust the colors in our portraits to achieve the most successful value contrast as it relates to our reference photos Finish off our portraits with a unique metal-leaf technique that adds brilliant texture and shine to any painting
Instructor Jennifer Bonneteau
Price Normal Registration: $280
More Info
Frequency Daily
Registration for Viva Frida with Jennifer Bonneteau (2-day Workshop) is closed.
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