Pet Mixed Media with Resin

In this workshop you will create a mixed media background using several mark making techniques.  Email us a picture of your pet ahead of time and we will have it printed to the appropriate size and have it printed out for you.  You will cut out your pet portrait and add it to your background.  We will then enhance the portrait with some acrylic paint.  When all is dry we will pour (4oz) epoxy resin over the surface to give your piece a thick glossy finish.  This project makes  a great gift!  We are working on 9x12 wooden panels.  Your piece will need to stay over a 24 hour period to allow for a full cure of the resin but will be ready for you to pick up after.

Email photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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3:00pm on May, 24 5:30pm on May, 24 $65.00
3:00pm on Jun, 24 5:30pm on Jun, 24 $65.00

Instructor Info

Andrea Chebeleu

$65.00 6