Drawing a Crowd

 Learn the basics of drawing a crowd. Start with some basics of people sketching and then move to exploring some principles and techniques you can use to capture crowds. This class is taught in a studio from photos that will be provided but it is geared towards teaching you to draw and paint on location. Each participant goes home with a finished 8x10 inch watercolor, pen & ink sketch of a crowd.

If you are a sketchbook artist, an urban sketcher, or just interested in learning to sketch people fast, this class is for you!

Student Supplies

  • Paper (about 5-7 sheets of ordinary printer paper for practice)
  • One 8x10 sheet of thicker paper for a final piece (hot press watercolor paper)
  • Pen with black ink
  • Brush pen with black ink
  • Dot card with 8-10 watercolors 
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6:30pm on Nov, 13 9:00pm on Nov, 13
12:30pm on Nov, 15 3:00pm on Nov, 15

Instructor Info

$80.00 16