Creative Entrepreneur "Power Hour"

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People who participate in peer support are 7 times more likely to succeed at making changes in their life. Reap the benefits of our vibrant creative community! Meet fellow creative entrepreneurs who know the answer to what you’re struggling with, and build your confidence as you implement key strategies for success in your creative business. (If you’re not ready to call yourself an “entrepreneur” yet, you REALLY need this group.)

  • 1 hour meeting
  • Check-in: Stay accountable and accomplish your weekly goals.
  • Featured topic: Get the information you need to succeed. Topics may include: social media strategies, time blocking, creative block strategies, customer relations, goal setting, technology for efficiency, reaching more clients, marketing strategies (and the list goes on). Request the topic you want, or volunteer to teach what you know!
  • Implementation focus: Actually DO something during this hour that will make a difference for your business.
  • Wisdom of the group:  Don’t know how to make a website? Your fellow members know the easiest way to learn—or who to hire. Want to start a greeting card line? Another member has done it and will share their resources. Make connections and share your knowledge—you will be amazed at the synchronicity.

During this challenging time of "Shelter in Place" in our area I am offering an optional Zoom discount code to help reduce your financial burden.  If you opt to pay full price, we appreciate your generocity in helping us with our financial burden during this trying time.  Please use coupon code Zoom15 or Zoom30 at checkout for a 15 or 30% discount respectively to aid your situation.

Regardless of how much you pay for this session, your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.

Event Date Event End Date Price Register
12:00pm (PST) on Jul, 23rd 1:00pm (PST) on Jul, 23rd $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Aug, 13th 1:00pm (PST) on Aug, 13th $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Aug, 27th 1:00pm (PST) on Aug, 27th $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Sep, 10th 1:00pm (PST) on Sep, 10th $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Sep, 24th 1:00pm (PST) on Sep, 24th $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Oct, 8th 1:00pm (PST) on Oct, 8th $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Oct, 22nd 1:00pm (PST) on Oct, 22nd $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Nov, 12th 1:00pm (PST) on Nov, 12th $15.00
12:00pm (PST) on Dec, 10th 1:00pm (PST) on Dec, 10th $15.00