Painted Canvas Zipper Pouch

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The supplies you may want to have on hand are as follows:
  • Canvas Zipper Pouch (but all techniques can be done on an art journal page or canvas!) 
  • Gesso (white primer for your canvas)
  • Various acrylic paints, cheap craft paint works fine
  • various paint brushes (small, medium) such as a #6 round and a 3/4" flat or bright are a couple of my favorites, a filbert is also nice but don't worry, you can use your fingers if you don't have brushes!
  • Deli paper(a dry waxed tissue paper) or tissue paper
  • Oil pastels in black & one or two more colors
  • Various stencils that make small and medium sized marks (though I can talk us through making our own with a bit of cardstock and a sharp pair of scissors or exacto knife)
  • Makeup sponge or sponge applicator
  • Various stamps (or things that make texture like bubble wrap or corrugated cardboard)
  • Paint markers (optional but quite fun) & a fine point permanent black marker
  • Some sort of image to transfer (if you choose something with words on it, they need to be printed in reverse)
  • Matte Medium (the sticky part of acrylic paint without any color)
 *Complete kit available for $30 upon request.

It may look like an extensive list (and it is) but you can do a lot with even a few items so come with what you have and I'm happy to work with you after class to design a kit if you are interested in purchasing a few select supplies.

We will add layers of paint and imagery to the outside of a pre-made canvas zipper pouch (6"x9")

Learn how to add imagery using a method of image transfer.  Bring an image if you wish to use something specific or use our provided images.

We will be using paints, stencils, and other mediums.

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Regardless of how much you pay for this class, your generosity and support are greatly appreciated.

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