SoulCollage® Introduction

DISCOVER YOUR SOUL’S DEEPEST WISDOM...                                                       
One SoulCollage® card at a time!

1:00pm -  3:30pm
The registration period is from 01-Jun-2018 8:00am to 12-Aug-2018 8:00am

Event description:


Longing to reconnect with your joyful, playful self?

Are you drawn to visual images but not sure why?

Looking for a little more peace and self-awareness?

Are you curious about the vast kaleidoscope that makes you, YOU?

If you answered YES! to any of these questions, SoulCollage® is for you!


Often our drive to attain and succeed – and even just our day-to-day routine – comes at a great cost to our Soul and at some point we realize that we have forgotten to take time for compassionate self care, acceptance and awareness. Give yourself the gift of slowing down to reconnect with YOU! In this class, we will guide you on a playful journey out of your head, into your body and fearlessly expressing YOU!


Author John O'Donohue says: If you can learn to look at yourself and your life in a gentle, creative, and adventurous way, you will be eternally surprised at what you find. The soul creates, shapes, and peoples our inner life.

SoulCollage® is a simple, yet profound, expressive arts method you will use to build your own unique deck of "Soul" cards using intuition and imagination! This meditative process is not only enlightening but delightfully fun! Join us for a magical journey inward as we use this intuitive collage process to explore our individual Soul expressions!


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