Painted Paper Collage: Mug Or Tea Cup - Week 2

This week's theme is a Coffee or Tea Cup.  Come with a sample image.  We will paint paper using 3 techniques in the first 30 minutes of class time and use the remaining 90 minutes to tear paper and fill in your image.  We have a stash of painted papers you can use to augment the stash you create in class and/or bring any papers you want to use from previous sessions.

10:00am -  12:00pm
The registration period is from 03-Jul-2018 8:00am to 17-Sep-2018 8:00am

Event description:

These workshops are based on the book by Elizabeth St. Hilaire called Painted Paper Art Workshop.This is where painting meets collage!

You can create beautiful art with amazing depth and texture, using easy collage techniques and paper you paint yourself. 

Start with materials you probably already have--fluid acrylics, stencils, a few household items and paper--and hand-paint your personalized paper palette using basic techniques anyone can do.

Then move through each step of composing your own work of art. You'll learn how to: develop your composition, how to work with simple shapes, important lessons on value and much more.

  • More than 30 techniques for painting your own decorative papers
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating your own painted paper collage–from underpainting and directional ripping and tearing to auditioning your papers and combining collage with mixed media


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