Candle Making 101

In our candle-making 101 class we’ll be giving you the low down on candle making, including wax types, fragrance types, how much fragrance can wax hold, etc.  While candle making seems pretty simple, it’s actually quite complex and thousands of variables can impact a candles outcome.  So, in this class you’ll get all the tips and knowledge I’ve amassed through the years.

Most imporantly, you’ll be hands on through the entire process.  You’ll get to:

- Weigh and melt your own 100% soy wax

- Cool down and test for the right pour temperature

- Choose from over 15 fragrances; you may even choose to mix them to find the right scent for you.

- Wick your jar with all cotton wicks

- Pour and cure the candles

- Enjoy your handmade candles

You’ll come out of our class with some serious candle crafting knowledge, and just maybe you’ll feel comfortable enough to call yourself a “chandler”.

The best part, you’ll go home wit 2 (9oz) Holiday candles to enjoy for yourself, or to give as the perfect Holiday Gift.  Retail Value is $14.00 per candle.

You may opt to pour more candles for $10 each (time permitting)

Event Date Event End Date Price Register
6:00pm on Nov, 23 8:00pm on Nov, 23 $50.00
3:00pm on Jan, 5 5:00pm on Jan, 5 $50.00

Instructor Info

$50.00 2