Paper Paintings - Animal Portraits

During this comprehensive 3-day workshop you will learn a unique figurative mixed media collage technique. Emphasis will be on defining form using light and shadow, and treating every torn tidbit of paper as a brush stroke. Students will create impressionistic collages that look like paintings.

Create your hand-painted paper palette through Gelli Plate printing, staining, stamping and patterning that will be torn up and glued down over an acrylic underpainting. 

This class is focused on learning and growing creatively in a FUN environment.

No prior collage experience is necessary. Some painting experience is helpful. All levels are welcome. 

Our refund policy can be found here.  Minimum number of students is 10.  No refunds will be given until we reach this threshold however, your paid ticket can be sold to another student.

About Elizabeth St. Hilaire

Meticulously torn bits of hand-painted papers, delicately put together, form the exceptionally vibrant collages created by Artist Elizabeth St. Hilaire. Richard Colvin, executive director of the Lake Eustis Museum of Art says, 

"Elizabeth St. Hilaire's artworks have a fresh quality that belies the way they are constructed." 

St. Hilaire published her book Painted Paper Art Workshop internationally with North Light Books in August (2016). Elizabeth's work has also been published in Acrylic Works 3: Celebrating Texture (2015) and Incite 2; Color Passions (2014), both by North Light. A feature article on her work appeared in the April, 2014 issue of The Artists Magazine, she was also a finalist in The Artist's Magazine Annual Art Competition (2014 and 2015) and took first place in the category of Collage/Mixed Media for The Artist's Magazine All Media Competition (2010). St. Hilaire was an award winner in the National Collage Society's Signature Members Exhibition at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, in Mesa AZ (2013). Online, Elizabeth was a Finalist in The Richeson 75 Annual Art Contest (2013).

Born and raised in New England, Elizabeth has lived in Central Florida for the past 20+ years. She holds a B.F.A. in Advertising Design from Syracuse University, which prepared her for a dual identity as both communication designer and a painter - these days she's a full-time fine artist who's only graphic design client is herself. St. Hilaire has earned Signature Member status with the National Collage Society and crisscrosses the country several times a year to take her painted paper tidbits on the road. Teaching and sharing her collage technique through an intense three day Paper Paintings workshop has become a passion.

For a portfolio, visit, for collage work in progress visit You will always get a timely response via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Artist Statement

My love of collage started with a scrap box of mementos from my childhood. These small sentimental pieces of my past came from my father, who rescued them from the attic. Stuffing these tidbits into a box beneath my bed seemed anticlimactic. I remember standing there, after my father left, looking at the hospital bill from my birth, my Mom's nursing school graduation cards from 1967, and thinking what should I do with this?

I decided to find a way to incorporate these memorable papers, notes and snippets of my family's past into something both memorable and beautiful. Thus was born a representational collage "painting." This piece, "Looking in on Jane" (a portrait of my mother), won Best of Show for the first time at Orlando Visual Artists League in 2005, and for a second time at the Women's Caucus for Arts: Matriarchs and Madonnas exhibit in 2007. The success of this piece plunged me head-first into my love affair with collage. 

My technique has evolved through the years, as a result of experimentation with hand-painted, hand-made, and a wide variety of textured and patterned papers. Layering and weaving, pushing and pulling the colors, patterns, and values makes collage liken to a dance. I go back and forth, alternating and overlapping until the rhythm creates something I love. 

In my work I highlight the extraordinary within the ordinary, focusing on intense and vibrant colors combined with a sensibility of design. My collages invite the viewer to look, and having looked, to linger.

Student Supply List:

Here is your supply list.  Please note that we carry all of the supplies in our shop so please do not hesitate to reach out and we will put a customized kit together for you.  As a student you get a discount on all supplies in our shop for a class.

You may opt to come empty handed and we will provide you with all the supplies listed below to use for a cash payment of $25 due on the first day of class.  Please let us know at least 1 week prior to class if you wish to take advantage of this option so we can have your kit of papers pulled together.

RICE PAPER, Hosho or Shuji Gami Kozo Paper Roll or sketch pad. Washi or Unyuri white papers with and without fibers/texture purchase at  A Work of Heart
VARIETY OF FOUND PAPERS, sheet music, maps, hand written notes, old book pages, dry waxed deli paper, old maps – variety of thickness and textures. You can do this totally with found papers.
DECORATIVE PAPERS, papers you purchase at A Work of Heart (not scrapbook paper) with fiber, embossing, metallic patterning, iridescent patterning. Please purchase in white or natural if possible, this allows for the most color options when painting.
NO MAGAZINES or shiny coated printed papers
8x10 size with HARD RUBBER BRAYER
GOLDEN FLUID ACRYLIC PAINTS & WHITE GESSO for under-painting on panel AND hand-painting papers -- colors of your choice, keeping in mind the subject matter and your ability to mix color. Small container of white gesso for making some colors lighter and opaque.
CANVAS PANEL economy surface for support. This is mat board covered with pre-primed canvas, NOT stretched canvas, one medium format such as 12x12 or 11x14
PAINT BRUSHES (variety of sizes)for under-painting and applying glue. OR use what you have on hand. I prefer #8 Princeton Catalyst filbert shaped short handle brush for the glue application.
LIQUITEX GLOSS GEL MEDIUM, this is the collage glue.Please purchase GLOSS not matte.
PAPER TOWELS for cleanup and brushes,
COATED PAPER PLATES OR PALETTE PAPER for paint mixing palette.
PENCIL AND ERASER, for sketching plus ballpoint pen
GRAPHITE TRANSFER PAPER, for transferring your...
REFERENCE PHOTO, the same size as your canvas panel or board.
If your printer does not go this large, please either tile your image and tape it together or have it output at your local Kinkos or Staples on NON GLOSSY paper.

OPTIONAL supplies:

WOOD PANELS I work on cradled wood painting panels. This would be a more expensive option than canvas panel and does require a coat of gesso primer/sealer, but cradled panels do not require framing!
For organizing papers by color to take home
Stencils, string, yarn, scraping tools, Q-tips, makeup sponges, etc. For use on the Gel Plate. Anyting fun that you may have in your studio that you’d like to experiment with.

SHOWER CURTAIN for table cover and/or to dry papers on.

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Event Date 10:00am on Feb, 16
Event End Date 4:00pm on Feb, 18
Price $450.00
Location A Work of Heart Studio
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