Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook Study (Session 2)

We will work through the workbook written by Betty Edwards.  We will cover the exercises over a period of 8 weeks.  This is a course you will want to start at the beginning, individual sessions build upon one another so if you miss the first session it will be best for you to start when the next 8 week series begins.  Should you miss a session in the 8 week series you will be entitled (given your alerting the instructor prior to missing) to 2 hours of uninstructed studio time to use for make up within 8 weeks after the final session in your series.

Supplies will be provided for work in class.  We will have complete portfolio kits available for purchase in the shop.

Event Date Event End Date Price Register
12:00pm on Feb, 28 2:00pm on Feb, 28 Session 4
12:00pm on Mar, 6 2:00pm on Mar, 6 Session 5
12:00pm on Mar, 13 2:00pm on Mar, 13 Session 6
12:00pm on Mar, 20 2:00pm on Mar, 20 Session 7
12:00pm on Mar, 27 2:00pm on Mar, 27 Session 8