Become a member and save!

Membership is NOT required to attend classes or schedule Lab/Studio time, it does offer a significant discount for those who utilize the studio often.

  • 6 months $90
  • 12 months $150


  • 10% Discount on Studio Time & Classes for member 
  • 20% Merchandise (does not include teacher kit/material fees/custom kits like watercolor stacks or consignment items)
  • 30% Discount on Pre-Paid Special Orders
  • 3 hours of un-directed studio time per quarter ($30 value)Does not compound. This is on the honor system.  You tell me when you are using your free hours.

*Note* You will receive an email with your membership discount code to use when registering for classes.

Discount is good for the member only. Discount does not apply to class fees for non-members.

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