Watercolor "Chapter One"

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Supply List:

    • 9x12 cold press watercolor paper (I'm using Arches brand)
    • #6 watercolor brush (I'm using a Silver Black Velvet brush)
    • Watercolor paints (at least red/yellow/blue.  I'm using Daniel Smith Quin Rose, Pyrrol Scarlet, New Gamboge, Hansa Yellow Light, Prussian Blue and Ultramarine Blue)
    • Welled Palette (I use 2 palettes with 6 wells in each)
    • Salt (kosher or table salt will work)
    • Water in jar for rinsing brush & spray bottle (for wetting your palette)
    • Paper towel or cloth
    • Pencil for making notes

  • Kit's will be available for purchase. Curbside pickup available the day before class by appointment or delivery is available in a 15 mile radius or I can mail supplies.  Simply This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will cover pigment load, glazing, wet on wet, wet on dry, color blending, color mixing and basic brush strokes. Learn the basic properties of watercolor paints as you create your own color wheel. We will drip & sprinkle, splatter & blot our way to beautiful layers of color.  

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1:00pm (PST) on Nov, 2nd 3:00pm (PST) on Nov, 2nd $45.00
6:00pm (PST) on Nov, 10th 8:00pm (PST) on Nov, 10th $45.00