The Bookmaker Collective -Kristin Peterson- Dipped & Sewn

This class meets on Saturday, April 10 from 4-6pm (PT)/ 7-9pm (ET)  AND Sunday, April 11 from 8am-3pm (PT)/11am-6pm (ET) Please check for your time zone.  All times on our calendar are listed in the Pacific Timezone.

In this two-day workshop, Kristin will walk each student through creating an art journal with found papers and some simple bookbinding. This workshop is for all levels. From the very beginners to professional artists who may just need to loosen up a bit.

This will be a collection of simplicity, limited palette, and hand sewn fabric stitched into place to make our journal. 

We will be letting go of brushes and listening to the moment on Saturday evening, as we begin with some slow stitching of our fabric and folding papers. Preparing everything for a dip in the dye, and then to dry overnight. Not sure about the sewing? Do not let that steer you away, as the dyed fabric and papers are so delightful.

Sunday we will gather our papers and begin our process of working each piece, one at a time. Listening to what makes our hearts happy. We will glue found words and stitch in more fabric. Write our thoughts and make simple marks. Leaving little pieces of us sprinkled into our books. This workshop is really about us and the books we are making during this time.

Our mix of papers and fabric will lend itself to our journals, helping to create not only a lovely visual charm to our book, but one that will also provide a textural quality as well.

Never made a journal before? Not to worry, this workshop will guide you step by step through the basics of bookbinding. Experienced bookmaking students are welcome- I will just be keeping it simple. 


Workshop supplies available as 2 kits via this link.  You can also order items from the supply list individually to build your own custom kit. You don't have to struggle with sourcing the supplies from all over.  We have you covered.

Complete Supply List: an indication of which kit the item is contained in follows in  a ()

  • One file folder (1)
  • 1/4 yard of cream/ white muslin or cotton (1)
  • Lace (1)
  • Rit dye  (graphite) (1)
  • Gloves (1)
  • Sewing needle and black thread (2)
  • Gesso (1)
  • Instant coffee (1)
  • Black (or Payne’s grey) and white acrylic paint plus one more color (1)
  • Matte medium (1)
  • Awl (2)
  • Large binding needle (2)
  • Wax thread (2)
  • Quick drying or tacky Aleene’s glue or PVA (2)
  • Stapler (2)
  • Masking tape (2)
  • Alcohol inks- butterscotch (1)
  • Black Stabilo pencil (1)
  • Aqua/Turquoise Watercolor Crayon (1)
  • Pencil (provide your own)
  • Scissors (2)
  • Sari ribbon or bakers twine/ string (1)
  • Cheese cloth (1)
  • Patterned paper, vintage papers, book pages- variety (1)
  • 2 sheets of copy paper (1)
  • Stencils (1)
  • Modeling paste (1)
  • Palette Knife (1)
  • Make up sponge (1)
  • 1/2” flat paintbrush (1)
  • Gluestick (2)
  • Black ink pen (2)
  • water bottle- to spray (2)
  • Hi flo acrylic or acrylic ink (magenta) (1)
  • Tags- variety of sizes (1)
  • Hairdryer and paper towel may be handy to have close just in case we need them (provide your own)
  • Tupperware type bin for dip dyeing measuring 8x8 or larger (provide your own)

Event Details

Event Date 4:00pm (PST) on Apr, 10th
Event End Date 3:00pm (PST) on Apr, 11th
Price $127.00
Location Online - Zoom
Categories Zoom - Live Online Class, Virtual Retreats, Visiting Instructor

Instructor Info

Kristin Peterson

Kristin Peterson is a third generation artist, originally from South Dakota. Kristin is always ex- ploring and expanding the creative depths of journal making. She is passionate about vintage collage and mixed media. Kristin loves color and things that have a love-worn comfortable feeling. Her journals contain a vibrance mixed with a little funk, and sprinkled with sensibility.