4oz Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground

Brand: Daniel Smith
Product Code: DJ284055007

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* Daniel Smith Grounds:
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  • Absorbent or semi-absorbent surfaces (such as paper, canvas, other fabrics, Wood, plaster, shells and hardboard) require no special prep before brushing on Daniel Smith watercolor ground
  • Apply straight from container using a soft-haired synthetic brush for a smooth finish, or a hog bristle brush for a more textured finish, one coat will cover most surfaces
  • Curing: to allow watercolor ground to attain the correct degree of absorption, let watercolor ground dry and cure for at least 24 hours
  • Because it creates a surface more absorbent than paper, Daniel Smith works best in conjunction with lower-water paints, such as watercolors and thinned acrylics
  • Finishing: as with all watercolors, your work on Daniel Smith watercolor ground will need to be fixed if it will not be Framed behind glass