Derwent Inktense Blocks 12pc set

Brand: Derwent
Product Code: 5028252301978

Price: $44.99

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  • VERSATILE & VIBRANT – The 8mm square block combines versatility with vivid colour. Use the edge for fine details or the side to cover large surface areas quickly. Contains full range of 12 colours.
  • WATER SOLUBLE – Expand your creative possibilities. When blocks are used dry, they deliver pure, vibrant colour. For different effects, use a wet brush to lift colour directly from the block.
  • PERMANENT COLOUR – Pigments dry quickly and permanently when washed out, minimizing colour bleeding. Once dry, colours can be placed next to each other or layered, without fear of colour bleeding.
  • SURFACE VARIETY – Switch up your artistic canvas. As the colour dries permanently, it’s great on fabrics such as silk or cotton. Can also easily be used on paper. Modify the use to fit your project.
  • COLOUR CREATION – Integrated palette is great for creating colours. Make blends by mixing colours together or obtain lighter shades of one colour by adding water. Mix to create a unique work of art.