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We are a Mixed-Media Art Studio specializing in classes and workshops. Our shop features vintage finds as well as quality art & jewelry supplies.

Located at 2196 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, California. Here you will find classes from local and national teachers in mixed media, book arts, fine art and jewelry design.

Our studio is fully stocked so you can make yourself at home as you create art. We believe everyone is an artist with the right resources. Let us inspire your creativity!

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Please call 408.266.1005 to make reservations for studio time at least 48 hours in advance.
We are closed on Friday & Saturday

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Visiting Instructors & Special Events

Mark your Calendar!


Juicy Soul Retreat 2016

October 23


Robin Dudley-Howes
Oct 28-Crocheted Necklace
Oct 29 - Crowned Perfume Bottle
Oct 30 - Bohemeian Illumination


Carrie Schmitt
Wild Joy Blooms!
Nov 6



Nat Kalbach

Jan 24 - Walk with Me
Jan 24 - Play/Transform
Jan 25 - Artvergnugen

Riki Schumacher-TBD
Jan 29


Mindy Lacefield

Feb 5 - Portraits

Feb 6 - Paint your Dreams


Junelle Jacobson

Mar 18 Rooted & Grounded in Love

Mar 19 Favorite Things


Danielle Donaldson
TBD Apr 9


Dina Wakley
TBD Nov 12/13


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